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Welcome to Emma's Harvest Home


Emma’s Harvest Home (EHH) is an incorporated, 501 (c) 3 community-based organization providing residential co-occurring treatment services for women. EHH is fully dedicated to providing its clients with 24 hour, supervised care in a structured and supportive environment. Our facilities provide women with opportunities and experiences for positive growth and development. The women we serve come from various backgrounds and are in need of special services to assist them in overcoming the bonds of addiction and mental illness. Our programs prepare women for sobriety by offering them opportunities that enhance their skills, knowledge and interest, and assist them in becoming self-sufficient, productive adults. Residents of our facility receive 24-hour care; personal and educational development; cultural enrichment; social recreation; physical exercise, health, hygiene and nutrition; life skills and independent living and career planning.

Co-Occurring Disorders
The term co-occurring disorders refers to an individual having one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders at the same time.

Intermediary Steps
EHH gives women a chance for new direction, goal directed behavior, security and stability, and interpersonal relationships within a framework of positive values. The facility offers intermediary steps with the ultimate goal of growth for the clients leading to self-discovery, self-discipline, and development of self esteem, so they might function more effectively in their return to family, work and community.

Women Who Come to EHH
Women who enter EHH bring with them emotional difficulties ranging from severe depression to open hostility. Many may have failed in several other treatment facilities. They may be angry, abrasive, abusive and antagonistic. Some may have attempted suicide. A few have encountered trouble with the law. Many have histories of being sexually abused and many of their families have long family violence and drug histories.

EHH operates on the belief that every person has the inner capacity to learn life-changing behaviors, grow from their experiences and heal in order to become happier, more fulfilled members of the community. Our programs and services are based on the premise that growth is a process and not a one-time event. We recognize that personal growth takes time, patience and guidance, and that it occurs at an individual’s own pace – not everyone will get there at the same time. Each step or phase of the process is an important one, and yet is only one step along the path to personal growth, the potential for success is always there and should always be nurtured and supported. EHH staff works to foster success through listening, guidance and caring. Our goal is to motivate each resident to learn to trust and thus empower themselves to be active participants in the implementation of their individual growth and treatment plans.

Treatment Philosophy
The staff establishes and maintains a treatment environment that enhances positive self-image of the client, preserves human dignity and respects the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality. The educational needs of the staff are monitored and continuing education is required in order to maintain professional integrity and quality of care. Our program recognizes its limitations and acknowledges that it cannot be all things to all people. However, our stated aim is in the provision of a community, which reinforces and builds upon as firm a base of recovery as possible to a percentage of addicts with specific problems concomitant with addiction for which specialized treatment is desirable. EHH helps women to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs, understand and recover from the issues of family/intimate partner violence and mental health, and improve their social and economic well-being.

To increase internal efficiency, EHH monitors its activities and outputs. EHH uses outcome data to strengthen our existing services, to identify staff and volunteer training needs, to develop and justify our budget and to target effective services for expansion.


EHH is a United Way of Southwest Alabama (uwswa) Partner.

EHH is a member of The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.

Emma's Harvest Home gives women a chance for new direction, goal directed behavior, security and stability, and interpersonal relationships within a framework of positive values.

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